Five great songs for Hallowe’en that you’ve never heard

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Just quickly …

Trying to get away from the usual Thriller, Monster Mash, Rocky Horror stuff, here’s five great records to celebrate the slaughter of millions of innocent pumpkins. Enjoy.

Waltzinblack – The Stranglers

When My kids were small their horrible parents wouldn’t let them go trick or treating on principle. Instead, we used to switch off all the lights in the house and play this extremely loud. Happy times. Although the neighbours did call social services a couple of times.

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns – The Cramps

There are two kinds of people. On the one hand there are those who see a link to a song called “Bikini Girls With Machine Guns” and OTOH there are the extremely boring. The Cramps did more horror-y type songs than this but none of them have bikini girls with machine guns in the vid. And this begins with the line “Well I been drag racing on LSD”.

Look Out There’s A Monster Coming – Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

From the sixties TV show “The Viv And Neil Minstrel Show” which was on ITV so I never got to watch it despite being old enough to remember it being on. No idea why all the band except Neil Innes were blacked up. May ask him on Twitter, so watch this space just in case.

Zombie Jamboree – Harry Belafonte

Several versions of this around but I guess Harry was the most famous so there’s a vid clip of him. They had some weird stuff that passed for light entertainment in the early sixties.

Dr Frankenstein’s Disco Party

In 1977 my wife went to her local record shop (for younger readers, these were shops where you could go to buy bits of plastic which had downloads imprinted on them by scientific means). She purchased the big Abba hit “Knowing Me Knowing You” ( a phrase later made famous by drag act Steve Coogan) and when she got it home, she found an extra record in the bag which was this. She played it once, disliked it intensely and threw it away. That was when her run of bad luck began …

Happy Hallowe’en – if you haven’t done so already, check out today’s Google Doodle. It made me 8=)




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