Superstar Bunny – Here We Go!

This week, BBC 6 Music’s Steve Lamacq has been fielding emails, texts and tweets concerning damaged records. I heard this too late to contribute but was reminded of our late lamented pet rabbit Bugsy (and Minstrel too, who also appears in the video) –


We kept them as house rabbits, ie, they weren’t in a hutch in the garden all the time, bored out of their rabbit skulls. They did have a cage, a big dog-type one, which they lived in at night but the rest of the time they had a free run of the whole ground floor of the house.

This has been a broadcast on behalf of the House Rabbit party. Rant over.

One afternoon we left Bugsy and Minstrel in the lounge on their own for a while. After a while we heard some clattering. Intrigued, we went back in to find Bugsy in the middle of a pile of CDs, which he was diligently removing from the free-standing CD rack with his mouth and throwing them onto the carpet.

Wow, we thought. He really doesn’t like Culture Club, fair enough. Or Elvis Costello – hang on a minte. Or Dexys! What is WRONG with him?

For a couple of hours he was set to be the main ingredient in a pie, but Sal talked me out of it.

Thought nothing more of it until we tidied the room up at bedtime. No point in tidying as you go with two rabbits and two teenagers about the place.

We then noticed this:

Brim Of Ash by Shop

Bugsy had obviously found the cardboard cover of Cornershop’s big hit single “Brimful Of Asha” to his liking …

And he had noticed other tasty packages on the same CD rack – Cosmic Rough Riders and Feeder were similarly marked. Indeed, we have yet to locate Black Grape’s Euro 98 song “England’s Ire” to this day.

He was also bright enough to realise that most of the CDs had nasty plastic covers, so he’d discarded them.

Bugsy knew a good record when he saw one – Brimful Of Asha was Number 1 in John Peel’s Festive Fifty in 1997.

RIP, Bugsy. Miss you 8=)