Radio One Takeover Week, January 1973

This week is New Music Takeover week on Radio One, and it’s great to switch on at 6.30 am and hear Huw Stephens, followed by Annie Mac doing the mid-morning show.

The station deserves great credit for doing this every year, although it does beg the question, why not all the time? … but I guess you can’t have everything.

It is a little-known fact that Radio One first did this experiment in the first week of 1973, where each and every one of the station’s then-current alternative DJs got to broadcast throughout the day, and were given free rein to play what they wanted.

Owing to the BBC’s policy of wiping tapes, no official recordings exist, but I definitely remember avidly listening to it – can anybody else confirm that the schedule went something like this?

07:00 John Peel’s Breakfast Show

09:00 Housewives’ Choice with John Peel

12:00 Lunchtime show with your friend and mine, Johnnie Peel

14:00 Sequence. Two hours of records played without interruption while John Peel is given a cortisone injection

16:00 Drive time with John Peel.

19:00 Closedown. Thankfully the station closed down in the early evening in those days, otherwise Peel would probably not have survived “New Music Takeover Week” and therefore punk WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED.

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