Girls Still Dancing. Franz Ferdinand still got it.

Franz Ferdinand – McCluskys, Kingston 29/08/2013

In 2004 Franz Ferdinand burst onto a fairly somnolent indie guitar scene sporting sharp, clipped guitars and decent tunes without any of the musical fat that the previous generations of indie bands had put on over the years.

Lyrically, too, they had something interesting about them., and an intelligent, engaging frontman in Alex Kapranos whose public utterances always stopped on the right side of being an irritation.

And then there was The Quote : “We just want to make music for girls to dance to” which effectively sealed their longevity. And of course their popularity with the girls as well as the boyz. Boys, sorry. But maybe boyz too…

Fast forward ten years, give or take, and their fourth album hit the shops this week. After a hiatus of four years since 2009’s well-received “Tonight” this is a band truly in it for the long haul, wary of over-egging the pudding, happy to lie low until they – and the world – are ready.

Tonight’s gig is an early-evening all ages affair at McClusky’s nightclub in downtown Kingston – that’s upon-Thames rather than Jamaica but the riverside location and the hot weather make it just as good.

It’s part of a win-win scenario where bands try and maximise their record sales in the all-important first week of sales.

So if you can offer free entry to a gig with the purchase of a new rekkid, then the band wins on the sales points and us punters who are quick enough off the mark after the Twitter announcement get to see the finest of all the Noughties indie guitar bands in a nice, small venue, playing a set that is to make it worth while leaving the house, but short enough (at 12 songs and 45-odd minutes) to be fat-free.

Always leave ’em wanting more.

Speaking of which, you can see the whole gig here:

Music For Girls To Dance To In Kingston

The album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action is excellent too. It made #6 in the chart in its first week, just one place below Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series Volume 10. Whcih puts Franz’s longevity into perspective, I guess.

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