Gig Guide w/e Sunday 8th September 2013

How did it get to September again? Seriously? Quite a few bigger names starting to play the odd gig or even tour now that everybody’s back from their holidays. Here’s a few suggestions for some great live music entertainment this week, starting with the only “bigger name” I’m including this week!

Monday – Be Good Tanyas, Union Chapel royalty play the beautiful Union Chapel with its fine acoustics and all, ahead of their greatest hits collection which is released on September 24th in the UK if anyone wants to buy me an early Xmas prezzie.

Monday – Black Yaya – Hoxton Kitchen & Grill

Black Yaya is the offspring of rage and thunder. Black Yaya is anger and guile. Black Yaya is a merciless fight, and redemption songs.

Black Yaya is also David Ivar, frontman of Herman Dune, who seem to be getting in here on a weekly basis in various guises.

Tuesday – Splaaasshh – Rough Trade East instore (7pm)

OK then, Australia. You gots Tame Impala. But the Kiwis and Poms have joined forces to give you some serious competition in the dreamy psych-rock stakes. Ten quid or so gets you the album plus a ticket to this gig, which is the best value of the week in my book.

Tuesday – Heartless Bastards – Garage

Excellent classic garage rock stylings from Heartless Bastards. Imagine Black Keys only with more tuneage and (slightly) less riffage, and a frontwoman with the most powerful voice this side of Janis Joplin. Been waiting to see this lot for years, ever since I heard “The Mountain”.

I shall most assuredly see you down the front for this one.

Tuesday – Cayucas – 100 Club

Arse! I think I’m destined to never see this band live, there’s always a clash. Next time, Cayucas. Next time. If anyone reading this goes along, I want a full review please.

Wednesday – Drenge – Tipsy Bar

And guitar-based indie STILL REFUSES TO LAY DOWN AND DIE! Drenge are from Castleton, a lovely small town in the Peak District about thirty miles from Sheffield. Rawest thing to have a chance of chart-bothering action since the Arctic Monkeys, also from these parts (and with a cracking new album about to drop).

Thursday – Khalilah Rose – Hootannanny

For reggae singer Khalilah Rose, being in the music business is not about the pursuit of fortune and fame. This talented Rastafarian empress has no time to be caught up in the hype of the music biz, as she is more concerned about setting the standards for roots reggae music on a global level.

She is on a serious musical mission in the name of Rastafari to restore the genre to its past glory.
Rose joined the Rastafari faith in 2009, the following year she moved back to Jamaica, where she was discovered by Tanya Thelwell of UMI Records. Since then, her career has been growing from strength to strength.

To date, she has recorded a number of popular singles, most notable are her collaborations with other cultural reggae acts such as Unite and Be Strong, done with Turbulence, and Jah Is Living, featuring Lutan Fyah. Both songs are featured on her debut album titled Zion’s Lullaby, which was released on the Ackee & Dumplin imprint earlier this year. The 14-track album features production work from a number of top-flight musicians and producers, including Dean Fraser, Ed Robinson, Fifth Element Crew and Carl James.

Although Rose is not yet a household name in Jamaica, her music has spread far beyond the shores of her island home. As a result, she has made numerous appearances on events in Europe, Africa, Brazil, Israel and North America. The music video for her single titled Hail Him is currently enjoying strong rotation in South Africa.

Thursday – Hot Head Show – Garage

OK, if I say to you “blues-rock band” and “fronted by the son of Police drummer Stewart Copeland”, I bet you’re thinking “Nah, I’ll give them a miss”.

Seriously don’t. Raw as hell, and far more experimental and out there than anything Sting and the Boyz ever did.

Think about it. If the guy wanted to trade on his old fella’s name, he’d have gone under his own name, like the various Beatles and Zappa offspring do. This is the real deal.

Friday – 14 Iced Bears – Dublin Castle

Classic eighties Brighton indie band, now reformed and touring the hits, which is what all reformed old bands should do!

Sunday – Ringo Deathstarr, Lexington

Fans of the big buzzsaw guitar sound with lots of echo will love this band. Just a hint of something a bit more ethereal there to differentiate them from the Jesus And Mary Chain and The Raveonettes. All three bands are great, you understand.

That’ll do for now I reckon. Same time next week. Me, I shall be sampling a bit of Heartless Bastards and Splaaassh on Tuesday with some sweet reggae at the Hootannanny on Thursday courtesy of Khalilah Rose.

Sunday – Two Cow Garage – Windmill, Brixton

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